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The IWW model of organising demands that we offer training to all our members.

As of early 2014 we have a new and improved training department facilitating training across the UK (contact training@iww.org.uk)

The work undertaken by this new training department has included developing a new curriculum of training courses to be delivered and then from February (2014) onwards ‘training for trainers’ sessions have begun to be hosted nationally in order to train trainers from each Region of the country. These new trainers are now qualified to deliver the various new courses as needed regionally throughout the UK and beyond.  The first group of trainers included members from around the UK, including two from the Sheffield area.


Courses now offered include:

-Organiser Training 1

How to organise in your workplace IWW style, direct action and smart tactics. Particularly the focus is on the initial stages of organising your workplace and setting up a workplace committee, fighting to improve specific issues at work, through to the point of launching your first public campaign or claiming for union recognition . A goldmine for new members, and a staple for most branches, at least all the active ones )

In Sheffield we offer this course on ongoing basis, the course is split into modules and runs for 12weeks. There is then a 3 months break before the course starts again. If demand is there the course then runs twice yearly. 

-Organiser Training 2

Further training on how to organise your workplace, with the focus shifting to maintaining a union presence in your workplace over a long period of time. Once the union has been established at your work and the initial campaign and excitement has ebbed how do you maintain interest and activity, and continue improving conditions?

-Treasurer and Secretary Training

Developing the financial and administrative skills required to run branches efficiently, each official branch of the union requires the officer roles of treasurer and a secretary to be considered quorate 

– Street Skills Training

Tips on how to conduct yourself when out on rallies, at protests or on picket lines, a great resources for anyone who wants to get out and about promoting the union in their area) 

– Rep Training Stages 1-4

This is training for casework, where you will develop sufficient knowledge of employment law and ACAS guidelines so that you can become a confident workplace rep [this means you can accompany your workmates and other union members to disciplinary or grievance meetings]

-Health and Safety Training

-Training for Trainers

This course explores adult learning, teaching techniques, and workshop skills in order to develop new trainers who are confident to deliver the other courses in the IWW training curriculum. This course is also available to any one who has attended Organiser Training Stages 1 and 2 and who wishes to become an active trainer for the union.

If any individual member wishes to take part in any of the above courses they should register their interest with there local branch directly. (In Sheffield you can do this by emailing north@iww.org.uk)

Upcoming training events will be advertised on the Branches home page (https://iwwgmbsheffield.wordpress.com)



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