Health and Social Care Industrial Organising

Industrial Union 610

In the Industrial Workers of the World, we classify organising by assigning certain industries, a number. Currently, in Sheffield there is a concentration of organised IWW members in the industry of health services and social care.  Our goal is to build unity between all workers in health and social care including patients and service-users, regardless of occupation, seniority, union membership, or what other unions we belong to. We aim to assist and complement other unions efforts to defend workers’ rights, to take action where they can’t due to anti-union laws, to organise the unorganised, to educate workers as to their rights, and to defend the gains of workers in our industry.

We hold a regular 610 workers meeting, where health and social care workers from a variety of places come together to discuss common issues at their workplace, and find common ground across the industry.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do we still need unions?

Most of us working in the health and social care sector can easily think of problems with our jobs: poor pay, short-term/temporary contracts, stressful conditions at work, understaffing…. the list goes on. Instead of moaning about these problems, the IWW believes in organising to make things better.

  • Can the IWW help me to improve the wages or working conditions at my current job?

That depends on you. The IWW does not provide leaders to fight your battles for you. But if you’re willing to organise at work by talking with your colleagues about the issues that matter to them, then you can count on IWW members to lend you their support.

Individuals can do little by themselves and are likely to be sacked if they raise a lone voice in protest. By joining together in a union such as the IWW, workers are far more powerful when confronting the boss about any workplace problem.

  • Can I join if I’m already a member of a trade union?

Yes. Many IWW members are also members of other unions.  We welcome them and recognise their wealth of experience in workplace organising.

  • How much will it cost to join?

We operate a sliding scale of dues, based on your take home pay (i.e. after tax and NI).

Monthly Income                                     Monthly Dues
Unwaged / Fixed Income                                    £1.00
Up to £650                                                         £1.10
£651 – £1200                                                      £3.30
Over £1200                                                        £8.25

  • Who cannot join the IWW?

Membership is not open to people who have “hiring and firing” ability in their workplace.

  • What sort of people join IWW health and social care?

We welcome people from across the field of health and social care. Current members work in areas including nursing, midwifery, mental health, sexual health, admin, blood & transplant, care homes and social work.

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