Theory and Practice

‘We Are All Leaders’ : Anarchism and the Narrative of the Industrial Workers of the World by Jonathan A. Christiansen

An article looking at anarchism and the IWW. Advertisements

Think it over: An introduction to the Industrial Workers of the World

Text from an introductory pamphlet written by a member of the Portland, Oregon IWW branch.

Compositional power

An excerpt from “What would it mean to win?” from Turbulence: Turbulence chats with Todd Hamilton and Nate Holdren, both individual members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) about solidarity unionism, and gets their perspective on winning, losing and workplace struggle:

Business Unionism vs. Revolutionary Unionism

Dave Neal (2011) “When the working class unites, there will be a lot of jobless labor leaders.” –Eugene Debs, 1905 speech Unions are a modern concept, a product of industrial society. The idea is a simple, but important one — namely that the weak majority must organize collectively to battle the powerful minority — the […]

Solidarity – Why you should join the IWW

Taken from  While written from an US perspective, it still holds true in the UK. How Many Times This Week Have You… Thought your boss was dumb as a post, and wouldn’t be able to do your job if he had to? Wondered if you were going to make enough in wages to pay […]

Solidarity against sexism on the shop floor

IWW member Angel Gardner goes over some ways of fighting sexism in the workplace through direct action.

How the IWW can contribute to Working Class Revolution

Taken from – ( Phinneas Gage goes over some of the changes in capitalism and the development within the last 10 years of the IWW as an organization committed to organizing. The late 19th century and early 20th century were characterised by tremendous changes to the nature of industry. The rise of coast to […]