Agenda for Next Branch Meeting 31.08.2011

Hope this Post find you well, and we look forward to seeing you at the next Branch Meeting. The Agenda, as always, is open to change, and if you feel anything is missing email me at – davidpike918@hotmail.com – or if it is not a sensitive issue, leave a comment. Agenda for Branch Meeting 31.08.2011   Location: […]

Minutes from Branch Meeting 03/08/2011

Morning Fellow Workers, Here are the minutes from last nights meeting, please feel free to feed back on anything in them. As this is not a secure location some of thes minutes are edited, if your more detail dont hesitate to get in touch at sheffield@iww.org.uk Date of Meeting – 3/08/2011 Chair – CW Discussion –  Branch Meetings – […]

Agenda for Tomorrows Meeting 3/8/11

Afternoon Fellow Workers, Hope this email finds you well. Here is a potential agenda for tomorrows meeting, if you had anything to add that you feel needs discussing feel free to let us know. Agenda 03/08/2011 Location: Bath Hotel Time: 19.00 Apologies Immediate Discussion Point: How should Branch meetings be run? – How can we encourage involvement and […]

Progress at the Hut!

SUCCESS! As of last week management at Pizza Hut has admitted that the demands of IWW members for better delivery drivers commission is justified. management have stated that given the cost of petrol, 60p is no longer a tenable amount, that is despite the fact that it has remained at this low figure for some 10 years. They may claim that […]