Steel City Wobs

Upcoming events


Libfest planning meeting – Thursday 1st December 6pm @ The Brown Bear

This will be the first of many meetings to come together and discuss the planning of the next Libfest event. The event we hosted last year was very successful in some respects and we hope to build on that with this next event.

General Branch Meeting – Saturday 1st December 11am

This is the local meeting to vote on national policy/motions that have been raised. All decisions here will be carried to the conference by our Sheffield delegates.

For the full agenda members should refer to the Sheffield mailing list. All national conference motions are to be found in the Internal Bulletin

This will be held at the IWW Office:

IWW Office, Office 2, 110 Wicker, Sheffield S3 8JD

The building is accessible and child care is provided.

These meetings have to be pretty efficient to get through all the agenda items so they’re fairly formal… but a catch up tends to follow the meeting.