Steel City Wobs

June events


AGM -4th June 11am

The next Branch Meeting of the Sheffield IWW General Members’ Branch will take place on Saturday the 4th of June, at 11:00am, at our office in the SYAC building on the Wicker.

This meeting is also our Branch AGM (Annual General Meeting), at which our Branch must elect the officers who will serve the branch until June 2016.  Any member-in-good-standing of the Sheffield IWW, including the incumbent officers, may stand for election in one or more of these posts.

In order to stand, simply notify the branch at large of your candidacy at any time before the ballot.  Ideally, candidates should make statements or comments in support of their candidacy on the e-mail list or by other means before the AGM, although this is not a requirement for standing.  Incumbent officers in particular should try well in advance to announce their intention to either defend their position by election or to stand down, to encourage other candidates to come forward.

This will be held at the IWW Office:

IWW Office, Office 2, 110 Wicker, Sheffield S3 8JD

The building is accessible and child care is provided.

See you wobblies there!