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May Events

Can Education Change the World? – Saturday 7th May 1pm

Erdelan Baran, Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) Foreign Affairs Committee, will present on ongoing efforts to build feminist and libertarian schools in the self-governing cantons of Northern Syria. Education in Rojava is not about getting a career or getting rich, instead students are challenged to ask themselves “How can I better society?”. Lessons encourage independence, critical thinking and active participation in the democratic organisation of communities.

The meeting is hosted by Sheffield Educators Underground. Educators Underground is a project initiated by teachers and support staff who are members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) union. Educators Undergound aims to create spaces for co-operation, solidarity and positivity in education and to support teachers and support staff across the city to take action for social change.

Free entry, food and refreshments will be provided.

This will be held at Victoria Hall Methodist Church, Norfolk Street, S1 2JB.


General Branch Meeting – Saturday 7th May 11:30am

This is the local meeting to vote on national policy/motions that have been raised. All decisions here will be carried to the conference by our Sheffield delegates.

For the full agenda members should refer to the Sheffield mailing list. All national conference motions are to be found in the Internal Bulletin

This will be held at the IWW Office:

IWW Office, Office 2, 110 Wicker, Sheffield S3 8JD


The building is accessible and child care is provided.

These meetings have to be pretty efficient to get through all the agenda items so they’re fairly formal… but a catch up tends to follow the meeting.


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