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One Big Day School

On the 19th of March, Sheffield IWW will be holding our annual One Big Day School. This year, the Day School will be focusing on gender. This government’s austerity programme has disproportionately impacted women and gender-oppressed people. Cuts to the public sector have a greater impact on women than on men. Benefits make up, on average, one fifth of women’s income, compared to one tenth of men’s. This, coupled with cuts to children and young people’s services and the increasing number of women on precarious employment contracts, amounts to an attack on women and gender oppressed people.

To challenge this, we will be hearing from what different groups from around the UK have been doing and we will be working to build our own community and workplace campaigns and actions.

The Day School’s primary objective is to reach out to new members, targeting individuals and families from the most marginalised communities in Sheffield. We will be hearing from Focus E15 Mums who have run successful campaigns against forced evictions for single mothers in inner city London. We will also be hosting Maternity Action who advocate for the Maternity rights of women on zero hours contracts and health care access for women in the asylum system. In addition to this, we have a talk from the English Collective of Prostitutes who support sex workers and campaign for the abolition of laws that criminalise them. Our events also include a workshop by Sisters Uncut who use direct action to challenge this government’s cuts to already underfunded domestic violence services and local group Queer Agenda Sheffield who will be discussing the rights of queer workers.

Our very own members will also be running workshops and discussions. One such workshop will be the “Organiser 101 Taster”. This taster, from one of our most popular training programmes, aims to equip workers with the ability to challenge their bosses and to organise against exploitation. Our Organiser 101 Taster will focus on gendered issues in the workplace; be they about the right to use toilets of your own choice, sexual harassment or the right to breastfeed at work. We will also have the opportunity to hear about the rich history of the IWW’s commitment to end gender based oppression.

Our day will end with a plenary session that will seek to create new campaigns and initiatives in our own communities as well as to give us the opportunity to discuss how austerity and capitalist exploitation have impacted on ourselves and other fellow workers.

For those who are new to the IWW, this will be an ideal chance to see what we’re all about and to get involved. As a revolutionary union, the IWW is committed to challenging the systems and structures that lead to patriarchy and gender based oppression. This day-long event will enable us to forge new links with members of our communities and with other activist groups in order to build a new world.

The venue is fully accessible, childcare will be available and food will be vegan.

See below for a full timetable of the day’s events.






Gender and the IWW




Maternity Action – Migrant women’s maternity rights


English Collective of Prostitutes




Sisters Uncut Workshop




QASH (Queer Agenda Sheffield) and Action for Trans* Health


Focus E15 Mums




Organiser 101 Taster

1700- 1800

Plenary: Austerity – Panel Discussion


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