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Liverpool IWW fighting against workfare and winning.

[This is a repost from the Liverpool IWW, see original article here: http://liverpooliww.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/liverpool-council-contractor-bulky-bobs-facing-workfare-protest/]
Congratulations to the Liverpudlian Wobblies.

Liverpool IWW and FRC Group have met and we are pleased to share this joint statement:

FRC Group would like to pledge that they are no longer involved in any mandated work programmes and they will never engage with any again. FRC Group has also signed theKeep Volunteering Voluntary pledge.

FRC Group said: “We took part in the scheme because we are a training organisation and we believed we could offer a worthwhile experience for people. However we were unhappy that people were mandated to attend and we were very concerned when we heard about other businesses who we believe exploit workfare placements as unpaid labour. Therefore we made the decision to withdraw from the programme in October and informed Learn Direct on November 6th, before any protest was planned. We are happy to support Liverpool IWW in their efforts to persuade the DWP to scrap Workfare and would urge any other business involved in the scheme to withdraw at once.”

Liverpool IWW said: “After visiting FRC Group we have heard that they took part in the scheme for ‘the right reasons’. We have heard testimony from the workers that they are treated with fairness and respect and we are pleased that they are encouraging other businesses to join them in withdrawing from the scheme.”

See a further in depth write up here:



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