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Upcoming Events April/May 2014

For further information on any of the events listed please post a comment below or email north@iww.org.uk

If you would like to attend any of the events or even better would like to be organising please get in touch and register your interest as soon as possible.

IWW organiser training: (Ongoing on Saturdays 1000-1200) @the IWW office 120 Wicker, Sheffield, S3 8JD

This is the newly revamped UK designed/adapted curriculum which will be delivered over a number 2 hour modules.

This is a invaluable and fairly extensive course which will equip you to organize in your workplace and beyond.


IWW Sheffield’s Big Open Day (May 17th)

Including the premier screening of our very own Sheffield IWW documentary film (Trailer coming soon)

An open event for intrigued workers and any members of the public interested to find out who the IWW are and what we’re doing locally.

Hot and cold food will be on offer, and there will be a number of local members on hand to chat about our work, past, present and future.

A forthcoming post will list exact times and detail activities in detail. 

Next Monthly Sheffield General Members Branch meeting:  (Policy and admin meeting run following rusty’s ruleshttp://www.iww.org/oldbranches/US/CA/lagmb/lit/meeting.pdf format)

The monthly meeting open to all wobblies in the Sheffield area, General Members Branch meetings (or GMB’s) are where we discuss and vote on current actions and campaigns and collectively make operational and policy decisions. 

Tuesday the 6th of May @ SYAC building Office 2 (120 Wicker, Sheffield, S3 8JD)




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