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IWW Organiser Training course module 4 @ IWW office Sat 18th 1000-1200

The fourth session of the Workplace Organiser Training will be happening this Saturday the 1st of March from 10:00 – 12:00 at the IWW Office. This is the newly revamped UK designed/adapted curriculum which will be delivered over multiple 2 hour modules.

This is a invaluable and fairly extensive course which will equip you to organise in your workplace and beyond.

Equipping you to make your workplace better.

This is a FREE course, which is open to all IWW members. Many of the modules are also suitable as an introduction to the IWW and our methods so bring a workmate along if they’re keen.


 A good group of Sheffield wobblies have attended Modules 1-3 over the last 2 months. However, you can easily join in mid way through and still get a lot out of it. You can still get involved by just turning up on the morning.


IWW Northern Office (Office 2, 110 Wicker, Sheffield S3 8JD)


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