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Upcoming Wobbly Events January/February 2014

For further information on any of the events listed please post a comment below or email north@iww.org.uk

If you would like to attend any of the events or even better would like to be organising please get in touch and register your interest as soon as possible.

ORGANISER TRAINING COURSE! (Extensive training in aid of sticking it to the man)

– First 2 hour module (1 of 12)

– Saturday 18th of January 1000-1200

-At the Northern offcie SYAC (Office 2, 110 Wicker, Sheffield S3 8JD)


Next monthly IWW Sheffield Branch MEETING: (Policy and admin meeting run following rusty’s rules http://www.iww.org/oldbranches/US/CA/lagmb/lit/meeting.pdf format)

-Tuesday the 4th of February

-@ The IWW Northern Office (Office 2, 110 Wicker, Sheffield S3 8JD)

Next organiser support MEETING: (Informal organising support and general get together) 

– Help and advice, discussion and support.

– Wednesday the 22nd of January.

– At the Riverside Pub (Or booze free venue if requested)

Regional Administration Quarterly: (Aka the national level policy making meeting.) 

– Saturday February the 22nd 

– Internal Bullitin (Pre meeting document with policy proposals, motions and notices) to be released shortly.

– Venue tbc (NOrthern office, SYAC sheffield has been put forward as a potential venue.)

– If the venue selected end up being outside of Sheffield, fear not, any delegate from the Sheffield branch will receive moneys for transport costs.


OFFICE outreach Meet and Greet open day. 

– Lunch/afternoon event at the IWW in Late Feb

– To be held at the IWW office in the SYAC building.

– Organiser volunteers needed to help set this up.

– Exact date tbc’d.




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