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Sheffield Wobbly Social: Film Night No.2, July 4th at the Red Deer


The Sheffield IWW will be hosting our 2nd ever bimonthly Film Night!

After the fantastic 9-5. (see post below) we will be sticking with 70’s (ish) US classics.

This time we’ll be showing Paddy Chayefsky’s utterly prophetic satire the 1976 ‘Network’.

Check out the trailer here:

When: 18.30 Thursday July 4th. (Film will begin rolling at 7PM)

Where: The Red Deer Pub Sheffield City center. (18 Pitt Street, S14DD)

Who: This is an open event, please bring anyone who enjoys a good film. The more the merrier.

Cost: Nothing! this is a free event, although you may want to buy a few drinks and or food etc.

The Red Deer do the best Vegan Burgers in Sheffield. (and some great non vegan food too)

This is an amazing film on so many levels, for a start it contains not one but two of my favorite monologues of all time. Its also a film which is both profoundly intelligent and highly entertaining. It won a few Academy Awards back when.

See you there.