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The Sheffield IWW ‘What we do and why we do it!’ A workshop at the Sheffield Anarchist Book Fair May 11th


As part of the 4th Sheffield Anarchist Book fair, the Sheffield IWW branch will be hosting a workshop aiming to introduce our history, principles, and most importantly what we’re doing in workplaces in Sheffield and beyond. 

Revolution isn’t only for guerrillas and old white men with beards, it doesn’t reside in dusty books, it’s not some tumultuous upheaval in the distant future.

Revolution can happen here and now, bit by bit, building the new in the shell of the old through action. We’re fighting for a more liberating way of being wherever we can, at work, at home, in relationships, in neighborhoods. 

If you’ve got any questions about how we do things,

If you’re frustrated with the way your workplace is run. If your disillusioned with ‘politics’ or sick of being told leave it to the experts.

Come on down. 

Where: Showroom Cinema Workstation

When: Saturday May 11th 1250-1350

There are alternatives and they are ours to create.

See this link for full programme



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