Solidarity with IWW member’s out on strike at Sister Camelot, MINNEAPOLIS, MN.


Canvass workers at Sisters Camelot, a non-profit mobile food shelf and soup kitchen, have gone on strike today after the organization’s managing collective refused to negotiate with the canvass union. The workers went public as members of the Industrial Workers of the World on Monday, and met to negotiate with the collective this morning. This unionization comes after months of organizing among the workers in response to changes in the workplace, resulting in a decline in conditions and mismanagement of the worker’s time and the organization’s resources.

The strike began this afternoon at 12:30PM when the managing collective announced that they were unwilling to negotiate on any demands. The workers are now prepared to continue the strike by refusing to canvass door-to-door or conduct fundraising efforts until the collective comes back to the table ready to meet the workers’ demands.

Statement of solidarity from the members of Steel City GMB
Greetings Fellow Workers of Sister Camelot,
Firstly let us welcome all of you to the One Big Union! We send you this message in solidarity and in support of your fight. We are all inspired by what you are doing and stand right beside you all as you struggle to win. 
The path, we have no doubt, is not easy, and you will all be struggling in different ways, but you are not the first and will not be the last. All workers, must fight, and continue to fight if we are ever to improve our own lives. We are stronger together and you have all shown this by standing together as a union, as Fellow Workers. 
What you fight for now may be working conditions, but what it represents is an inspiration to other people in your town, in your industry, to people around the world who see you standing proudly holding your red cards. 
The union makes us strong and each one of you has made the union stronger through your actions.
Thank you for what you are doing, and we hope you see a quick victory! 
Solidarity forever!
Members of Sheffield General Members Branch, 
European Regional Administration
Industrial Workers of the World

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