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Dec 3rd GMB Meeting. Last minute directions!


Here’s the directions for this evenings meeting again.

Firstly this may be a new location for most of you so myself and FW Josh (who are both hallam students) will be meeting
anyone and everyone outside the front of the building at 6.45pm.  
It’s at Sheffield Hallam’s city campus library. In one of the free meeting rooms. 
The building is called adsetts.
(see link for picture and google maps)
We are in meeting room 3.02 which is floor 3 towards the back.
The building is slightly confusing as you enter on level 4. 
So you need to go into the entrance and then down one flight of stairs to arrive on level 3.  Then meeting room 3.02 is directly across from the stairs on the far wall.
If you need help just ask at the desk. They’re quite friendly. 
Meet up with myself and others at 6.45pm outside the front of the building. Double doors near/next to odeon cinima and across from the crucible theatre. 
So Adsetts. meeting room 3.02 from 7pm-8.30pm.
Pre meet at 6.45 street level entrance.
We have a volunteer for Chair.
Minute keeper to volunteer at the time. 
Once again could everyone who’s attending please have a refresh read of the rusty’s rules meeting guidelines in the post below. It makes the meeting silky smooth. 
See you there.