Steel City Wobs

Sheffield GMB Meeting is coming up!


The next general members branch meeting is just two weeks away!

When: 7pm Monday November the 12th

Where: The Red Deer Pub (Upstairs),-2.443696&sspn=6.320313,8.606031&cid=53383040,-1464807,16531265443889095125&z=14&t=m

What: Items up for discussion will include, the new banner being ordered!, Upcoming training (Both for organiser 101, and anti-discrimination training) Then the big one is a discussion and vote on upcoming national policy changes, these are detailed in the monthly Internal Bulletin (All paid up members should have received an e-copy of the IB via email last week) PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY PRIOR TO THE MEETING! If you haven’t got one please email and request a copy, someone will send one over.


We will need some volunteers/delegates to be both a minute taker and a time keeper.

The idea is to have someone who hasn’t done it a million times before.

Both are common sense to do really.

I think we all ready have a chair person sorted.


If anyone who is happy to help set up could turn up at 6.30 that’d be great. We’d like to get started pretty promptly at 7pm.

Also if you havn’t allready had a quick read through please check out the rusty’s rules meeting guidelines. (If you take 15minutes to read them today the meeting will go twice as quick!) SEE PREVIOUS POST BELOW

We shall aim to get the business wrapped up by 8.30 at the latest so drinks and social shall commence thereafter!

See you all there. Tell your workmates and hopefully we’ll look less like this…

and more like this!