Steel City Wobs

Branch Meeting Update – New Meeting – 11.10.11


Greetings FWs,

Due to the previous Branch meeting being comprised of a bunch of new Woblies or people interested in finding out more the usual business was postponed and rearranged for the 11.10.11 at the Bath Hotel 7pm (the venue welcomes children before 9pm).  Below you will find a copy of the updated agenda, and the Internal Bulletin (IB) will be emailed out to you, this contains the motions and reports for the upcoming national IWW-BIRA meeting. We will discuss them, vote and elect a delegate to represent our views at the meeting. This process represents the core of out unions wider democracy and it is essential you make your opinion as a member heard, if you can not make the meeting please contact the branch – – to pass on your views.

Agenda for Branch Meeting 11.10.2011


Location: Bath Hotel

Time: 19:00

            Monthly Officer Reports

Upcoming BIRA Meeting– Voting on motions – Electing Delegate to attend BIRA

Proposals – To Hold – Public film showings and Discussion/reading groups

Campaigns Reports

Updates on Union wide news

Any Other Business

Hope to see you all there!

For the OBU,

Dave P

Acting Branch Sec.