Next Branch Meeting! 28/09/11

Greeting FWs,

The date for the Next branch has been set as next Wednesday the 28th, at 7pm at the Bath Hotel, for anyone who hasn’t been before its just off West St behind the Swim Inn.

The potential agenda is just below. 

Agenda for Branch Meeting 28.09.2011


Location: Bath Hotel

Time: 19:00



            Monthly Officer Reports

    • Sec.
      • Need for training programs
      • Merch propaganda
      • Passing over to elected replacement
    • Treasurer 
    • Membership
    • Recruitment
    • Communications
    • Socials

Upcoming conference – Voting on motions! (Very important and this is how we decide how the union works, please pass on your oppion if you can not attend)

Campaigns Reports

  • Pizza Hut
    • New members
    • Merch and Propaganda update
  • University Tutors
  • Public Sector Strike 30th Nov
  • Conservative Party Conference – Manchester 2nd Oct
  • Students – University stall on the 22/09
  • Other potential campaigns

Updates on Union wide news

  • FWs trip across Africa – They need our support!

Any Other Business

Yours in Solidarity,


Acting Branch Sec.


2 comments on “Next Branch Meeting! 28/09/11

  1. Added by FW CW:
    – tenants union
    – Public film showing
    – Pizza Hut unionisation: getting people signed up (if that isn’t
    already there)
    – Discussion/reading group

  2. A further Agenda Point from FW DPG – newsletter articles

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