Agenda for Next Branch Meeting 31.08.2011

Hope this Post find you well, and we look forward to seeing you at the next Branch Meeting. The Agenda, as always, is open to change, and if you feel anything is missing email me at – davidpike918@hotmail.com – or if it is not a sensitive issue, leave a comment.

Agenda for Branch Meeting 31.08.2011


Location: Bath Hotel

Time: 19:00



            Monthly Officer Reports

    • Sec.
      • Training Plans
      • Candidates to take on role needed for next meeting
    • Treasurer
      • What should we do with our start up funds?
    • Membership
    • Recruitment
    • Communications
    • Socials

Charted Status

  • Branch Health Check
  • What support we need from BIRA

Social Centres Update

Campaigns Reports

  • Pizza Hut
    • Drivers commission update
    • Recruitment drive update
    • Merch and Propaganda update
  • University Tutors
  • Other potential campaigns

Upcoming conference

  • Proposing motions
  • Branch report
  • Running for national officer positions
  • Those looking for a volunteers include –
  • National Communications Officer
  • Northern Regional Organiser
  • WalesOrganiser
  • North ScotlandandIrelandOrganiser
  • National Secretary

Updates on Union wide news

  • Cleaners Branch
  • FWs trip across Africa – They need our support!

Any Other Business


3 comments on “Agenda for Next Branch Meeting 31.08.2011

  1. Also discussing the possibility of supporting the Janus Project White Ribbon Football Tournament event with an IWW football team! -http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=150597168350896

  2. We will also be talking about the progress within the claimants or unemployed workers union

  3. David

    I am sending you an email
    re: your text


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