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Minutes from Branch Meeting 03/08/2011

Morning Fellow Workers,

Here are the minutes from last nights meeting, please feel free to feed back on anything in them. As this is not a secure location some of thes minutes are edited, if your more detail dont hesitate to get in touch at sheffield@iww.org.uk

Date of Meeting – 3/08/2011

Chair – CW

Discussion – 

  1. Branch Meetings – To be held monthly (n.b guidelines suggested they should be held in the first week of each month) – more entertaining meetings and more accessible, allowing broader discussion, encouraging people to speak through committing to a whip around at meetings after each agenda point to give everyone a chance to speak, raise a concern or express approval/disapproval. – It was also suggested that Socials after each meeting would be a way to bring people together and make the experience more fun, FW A suggested ‘laser quest,’ there is also a suggestion of film showings. – FW S.I also suggested establishing web forums which the branch can use to discuss topics – AP –Communications Officer to look into the possibility of setting this up.
  2. Reports – Sec – Set off branch is almost complete, after bank account is ready we are all done and ready for certification. AP – to sort rep cards for those that have done training. – Potential new members in a coffee shop also, so if anyone knows people who work in a coffee shop let em know we are organising there. We also now have stickers, badges and bussiness cards, that will help us organise so if you want some to give out just ask. We have also secured initial branch funds so when we have our branch account set up we will have a starting fund of a certain amount to use as we see fit.

– Comms – Web presences so far – Facebook (IWW Sheffield (UK) Branch) – Twitter (IWW_Sheffield) – Blog and essentially our website (iwwgmbsheffield.wordpress.com/). FW D.G also discussed publishing a quarterly newsletter, for release to our membership and to the wider public to the let people know what we are doing. FW D.G is looking for contributions as well as a name for the paper, so try and think of something Sheffield related that would be wicked cool! 

Campaigns Report

  1. Pizza Hut – see article on blog – https://iwwgmbsheffield.wordpress.com/2011/07/30/progress-at-the-hut/
  2. Stall – although was succesful and talked to a fair few people, FW C.W felt the stall needed more focus towards unionising service workers. In that vain it was felt that A) AP More stuff should be got for the stall, relevant to this as well as posters that can show our intent. B) AP – A branch banner that included this would also help to gain peoples attention.  A date was not set for the next stall but it should be on a saturday in the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes and ears open.
  3. Unemployed Workers Union – Although FW M.E was not at the meeting the idea was discussed and it was felt that the first aim should be to AP to create a leaflet that can show the unemployed why they should join and what we can offer as a union.

Potential Office Space

An office space is available for £20 a week, which is cheap but is still outside of our financial position as of yet. This space can also be hired for one week at a time, so it was felt that it may be useful to keep this in mind for a paticularly heavy week of action, where we can have a branch meeting, training and workers advice surgurys all in one week. Discussion Point Do people agree this is a good idea? and do you think it is important for us to have a physical address in the future?
Any Ideas for new Areas of organising
As well as a coffee shop we are also looking into casualised education workers, this is only at an early stage but keep it in mind when talking to your mates. 
We have secured training for as and when we need it, so we need to plan a weekend when we can have a solid 2 days of training, we also need to decide which classes to do, the options are – Rep stage one and two (this course gives you a grounding in employment law, essential for all of us to do) Organiser stage one and two (training in organising technices and the ways you can build in your workplace) Training stage one and two (so you can train others) Admin stage one and two (for a better run and organised fighting union). Discussion point – Which to do we feel best suit out current needs?

Next meeting – 31st of august – Bath Hotel 7pm – Discussion Point – Is this ok? Is there anyway we can make this more accessible? Is the location time or date ok? Please let us know!!

So as you can see we got through plenty till the blues jam lot nearly threw us out! Dam blues musicians!

Yours in Solidarity,


Acting Sec., IWW

Twitter: twitter.com/class_struggle 


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