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Agenda for Tomorrows Meeting 3/8/11

Afternoon Fellow Workers,

Hope this email finds you well. Here is a potential agenda for tomorrows meeting, if you had anything to add that you feel needs discussing feel free to let us know.
Agenda 03/08/2011

Location: Bath Hotel
Time: 19.00

Immediate Discussion Point: How should Branch meetings be run?

– How can we encourage involvement and increase accessibility?
– How can we give fellow workers the confidence to have their voices heard?
– How can we make branch meetings more fun and still be functional?
– Sec.
– Treasurer 
– Membership Officer
– Recruitment Officer
– Communication Officer (Including reading a typed report from FW S.L)
Campaigns Updates
– Pizza Hut
– Stall
– Unemployed Workers Union
Potential for office space
Branch Funds update
Any ideas for new areas for organising
Plans and Needs for training in Sheffield and wider region
Regional Conference
Any Other Business
Planning next meeting 

– Date/Location
– Potential agenda topics

Right so tones to cover! Hope everyone can get there! Should be a good un!!

Yours in Solidarity,

Dave P
Acting Branch Sec.

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