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Progress at the Hut!


As of last week management at Pizza Hut has admitted that the demands of IWW members for better delivery drivers commission is justified. management have stated that given the cost of petrol, 60p is no longer a tenable amount, that is despite the fact that it has remained at this low figure for some 10 years. They may claim that they have decided ‘out of the kindness of their hearts,’ but we know that it is due to the pressure of Pizza Hut workers. However, this review does not in any way guarantee an adequate outcome, and could be used to justify further reducing the pay to delivery drivers. So it is important that as Pizza Hut workers we remain engaged in the process and that we remain critical of managements position. The AA suggests that a per mile running cost can be anything up 70p, anything offered less than this clearly will not be sufficient to justify an agreement.


This also comes as many Pizza Hut workers across Sheffield are joining the IWW.  On top of this there are clearly other areas that demand attention and progress, issues of pay, working conditions and union recognition. This is clearly an important step that will improve the working conditions of many Pizza Hut workers, however, it is only a first step and there is much more to be done!




One comment on “Progress at the Hut!

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